Design Development Administration SEO Graphics Digital Marketing Copywriting

Services—Websites & Digital Marketing

Design & Development

Graphics, Programming, Layout, Information Design.

Website Administration

Monthly site checks, updates & backups. Site support and updates.

Digital Marketing Support

Google, Facebook, Bing & other social media business listings. Search Engine Optimization & Marketing (SEO & SEM). Business model considerations.

Copywriting & Editing

Content design, editing, copy layout, SEO copywriting.

Technical Support

Technical support for websites, including when you don’t know how to access your website, your domain, your Google listing, or Shopify—really, it’s about whatever you need help with that we feel comfortable taking on.

Website Hosting

We advocate clients have and control their hosting and domain plans. This means the hosting plan is in their name, and they have full admin access to the account. We work with all hosting providers and domain registrars. A local NS hosting company we like a lot is called Websavers. Their shared hosting plans are great value, and their support is excellent. We have used them for years and are affiliated with them. We offer an optional monthly shared hosting plan with SSL administered by Do It For Me Websites Ltd. This is mainly for temporary and emergencies, although we have some clients who want this service, so we provide it.


We develop, service and maintain websites and digital marketing and brand assets including graphics, logos, SEO copywriting, content editing and information design.

We set up, administer and support off-site business pages like Google, Bing, LinkedIn & Meta pages. We do not do social media marketing campaigns.

Google Workspace accounts provide reliable, branded email and meet small business IT needs—we setup GW accounts.